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What is Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

What is Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)?

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, or Hypogonadism, is a condition is which the man’s body does not produce a sufficient amount of testosterone, also known as the primary male hormone. These hormonal deficiencies typically occur in men between 40-60 years of age. 

Andropause is related to hormonal deficiencies that occur in men typically between 40-60 years of age.  A low testosterone level is referred to by some as Low-T. Symptoms of low testosterone can include depression, increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, reduction of face or body hair, low libido, brain fog, irritability, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and a decreased sense of overall well-being. 

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is available for men whose blood test indicates a low testosterone level. Here at Revive Health and Wellness, the nurse practitioner will review your lab results along with a physical exam and a comprehensive history to determine if testosterone therapy is right for you. If it is determined that TRT would be beneficial for you, then an individualized treatment plan would then be discussed in detail between you and the medical provider. While testosterone therapy is not for everyone, many find testosterone therapy beneficial with improvement in their quality of life.

Revive Health and Wellness recommends injections; however, other options include gels or creams. TRT is often a life-long commitment. 

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Testosterone Optimization Pricing

Initial Consultation- $210

This consultation visit lasts about 45min to 1 hour and includes a review of current lab work, intake forms, consents of treatment, discussing treatment options and first month’s supply of testosterone. 

Basic Package -$150/monthly

This plan includes follow ups as needed. The medication will be shipped to your home with all supplies that are needed for the injections. 

You can come to the office for once weekly injections or you can administer the shots twice weekly in the convenience of your home. 

Follow ups with lab work will be required every 3months until testosterone levels are therapeutic. 

Some common side effects associated with TRT include:
Skin irritation (can occur with topical TRT-gels/creams)

If you are started on TRT, you will be required to maintain your follow-up visits to monitor your lab work and discuss your overall treatment.

Once testosterone supplementation is started, the body’s response will decrease the natural production of testosterone requiring lifelong TRT. Testosterone replacement can increase the body’s red blood cell count, therefore, continued monitoring of the hematocrit will be required.